Introducing New Branded Pay-As-You-Go Lead Capture Solution

Missoula, MT — January 12, 2017 — Marketing professionals can now extend their reach to cell phones without paying monthly fees when not in use thanks to LeadsByCell, a new service from Goomzee. Business has its ups and downs and marketing pros are no exception, but are often plagued with a growing number of tools they pay for every month whether in use or not. Recognizing the need for a revenue model that better aligns with customers and their business, Goomzee announced today it’s new LeadsByCell service.

“After nearly ten years providing mobile lead capture for real estate professionals, we’ve learned a thing or two and are proud to introduce this new model to better align our success with that of our customers,” shares Mike Sparr, Goomzee’s founder and CEO. “We witnessed return real estate agents signing up for our services and learned they cancelled when business was slow, but returned when it picked back up. We thought to ourselves there has to be a solution where we can help them grow their business regardless, and LeadsByCell is the answer.”

LeadsByCell offers reusable text message Promo Codes (a.k.a. keywords) you can search and reserve online at After logging into the website for free, within seconds you can search for and save a personalized code, free to try for 2 days – no purchase or billing info required. After choosing a promo code, simply type some content similar to a classified ad and save a promotion. Thereafter, when someone sends a text message with your code, they receive that content on their phone, and you receive a lead alert with contact information for follow up.

Text For Info - LeadsByCell

Text message marketing and lead capture

The pricing model was completely redesigned to align with marketing professionals and the sporadic nature of their business. If you want to purchase your unique code, it is $39 per year. Instead of paying $40-100/month for the service, however, you purchase “lead credits” in packs of 10, 50, or 100 for $10.50, $52.50, or $105.00 each respectively. When you decide to use your code in marketing or sign, etc. each lead charges a single credit. When you are not using it, there are no monthly fees adding up.

“It’s truly a win-win model. Our goal is to retain customers and help them through the slow times with innovative ideas on how to use our service,” adds Sparr. “We noticed customers paying $40-60 per month and over a year $500-800. When looking at their leads, some are high but most were averaging 3 to 10 per month. Others had many months of inactivity from time to time. Now customers can start out with a handful of credits and when they’re used up, top up some more at their own pace.”

LeadsByCell customers can enter anything they want as a response message for their code, and change it at any time. Furthermore, they can add a second message called “auto response” that is sent 5 minutes after the initial message for some unique call to action or additional information. For those worried about missing out on leads if their credits run out, they can turn on the “auto top up” feature and if lead credits get too low, it can top them up a desired amount.

“I love this solution because now I can use a single code instead of linking them to each listing, and send back a link to all my listings on my mobile-friendly website [or even a portal], and I still get the lead and the user gets info about my listings,” says Jeremy Williams, an agent with Keller Williams Western Montana. “I’m actually using several codes and linking them to listings in different websites for different subdivisions I sell in.”

The new LeadsByCell service is available now at and according to the company, people are already ordering and “locking up” desired promo codes.

About LeadsByCell

LeadsByCell is a service of software innovator, Goomzee Corporation, who celebrates its 13th year in business this month. Goomzee provides e-commerce, lead capture, mobile MLS app, consulting and mobile search products for its customers and partners around the United States. The company is headquartered in Missoula, MT and maintains a distributed team of dedicated software and business professionals around the world. LeadsByCell is its newest product offering based upon a decade of research and experience at text message marketing and lead generation for real estate professionals, and now offers this product for anyone. It’s the easiest way to capture mobile leads. For more information, to try it out free, or to reserve your unique promo codes before someone else, visit today.