Sending SMS Text Message To Short Codes on BlackBerry Phones

As a BlackBerry owner myself, I must admit that it was not intuitive at first to send SMS (text messages) to short codes.  The dialing is focused around the address book, and the short code was not a contact.  I would navigate to my Messaging inbox and choose “Compose SMS message” from the menu, and I kept typing in a “U” and clicking up for the “Use Once” option, then choosing numeric, then typing in the number.  I would then type in the message and send; it was not very friendly.

During a presentation of Goomzee’s text message advertising tool for REALTORs, one of the agents in the audience actually just typed in the 5-digit text message short code, clicked their menu or wheel button, and chose “SMS 44133” and then just typed in the code and sent – brilliant!  Now I share this with everyone I see with a BlackBerry because it’s so much easier.  We recently had a client write in and ask the same question, “how do I text my listings with a BlackBerry?”  As our support manager had an iPhone, he wasn’t exactly sure so I showed him “the trick”.  I then asked our engineers to screen snap the steps and thought we’d share below, so you too can educate the masses.

Main screen of BlackBerry

From the main screen, simply type in the short code.  For Goomzee, it is 44133 so below you’ll see you simply type in the 4-4-1-3-3 digits.

Type the short code 44133 using your keypad

After you type in the 44133 (or short code) you simply press the wheel button (or your BlackBerry menu button) to reveal an options menu.

Choose the SMS 44133 option from the menu

Once you choose the SMS [short code] option you click the select button (wheel) and you can then type in your text message.

Type in message or property code

You then just type in the message or code/keyword you were prompted to text and when complete, click the menu or wheel buttons to send.

Click Send and deliever the SMS message

You’ve successfully sent a text message to a short code.  The example above used Goomzee’s short code, 44133, which is our nationwide dial-in phone number.  It also used a property code, 10054, which is typed in the message body.  Once the user clicks “SEND”, the system does the rest and delivers necessary information to their phone and alerts the seller if necessary of buyer interest in a property they have for sale.