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Goomzee, Black Knight, Clareity Collaborate To Solve MLS Dilemma

Vendor Collaboration To Solve MLS Issues

Vendor Collaboration To Solve MLS Issues

Missoula, MT — September 10, 2014 — Real estate professionals supported by the Peoria Area Association of REALTORS (PAAR) can soon access multiple MLSs in their market from a single mobile app solution.  Goomzee, a leading provider of mobile MLS apps for real estate professionals, announced today that by collaborating with Black Knight Financial Services, makers of Paragon MLS system, and Clareity Security, they were able to combine access to multiple MLS systems for both Residential and Commercial customers and allow access from a single interface.

“We have members that are commercial only, others residential only, and still others that participate in both but they had to access each MLS separately which was a major inconvenience,” explains Brian Carroll, MLS/Technology Coordinator for Peoria Area Association  of REALTORS. “Thankfully the technical experts managing Paragon and Clareity were able to combine user authentication, and Goomzee was able to integrate with them and still maintain multiple systems from a single app so we protect access, but simplify accessibility.  We are thrilled to better serve our members and the collaboration amongst our vendors to make this dream a reality.”

The local REALTOR association has managed two separate MLS systems for their Residential and Commercial customers but until now, they had separate sites and login credentials to gain access. Since Goomzee’s Mobile MLS solution connects to many MLSs and exposes their access from a single user-friendly interface, it was able to connect to both PAAR MLS systems powered by Paragon MLS. Goomzee’s app detects if multiple MLSs are nearby and allows users to switch between them. They enter their login credentials and Goomzee authenticates against Clareity Security’s SafeMLS system, then detects which database they have access to, and allows them to access agent-only information.

“Solving technical challenges like this makes me so proud of our team’s commitment to deliver upon our promise to meet and exceed the needs of our customers,” says Black Knight MLS Managing Director Rich Lull. “I’m excited to work with other leading technology providers like Goomzee and Clareity Security to best serve our mutual customers.”

As the industry evolves, in many markets there are multiple or even competing MLS databases within close proximity.  Often real estate professionals are members of more than one MLS, but have to maintain separate logins and access.  Historically, MLSs have invested in tedious data share or aggregation projects to solve these access issues, sometimes costing $millions for third-party database, aggregation, and syndication services.  Goomzee’s Mobile MLS service connects to all major MLS system providers and can expose listings from multiple markets in a single, user-friendly interface, regardless of who their MLS system is provided by.  By combining security integration with other leading technology providers, the service not only solves data aggregation and access issues, but saves MLSs and Realtor Associations considerable expenses and delights their customers.

“As we architected our listing database and mobile search tools, one thing we noticed was the fragmentation caused by maintaining separate sites or apps in each market which ultimately slows innovation,” says Mike Sparr, Goomzee’s CEO and founder. “Although a monstrous task we knew to truly add value to the industry and not be ‘just another app’ we needed to solve real industry problems. We looked at overlapping market disorder, data aggregation and slow performance complaints and decided to solve all three. It’s great that other technology leaders like Clareity and Black Knight are helping us solve these issues that have plagued the industry, and I look forward to helping others soon.”

“We are pleased to be part of a solution that makes ease of access better for the members of Peoria Area Association of REALTORS. Convenient, secure authentication services are cornerstone to the services we offer our customers. Kudos to Goomzee for recognizing SAFEMLS as a tool to help facilitate a better user experience for their solution,” said Amy Geddes, EVP & COO of Clareity Security.

Goomzee, Black Knight’s Paragon MLS, and Clareity Security are in the final stages of integration testing, and PAAR members can access the new Mobile MLS apps this month.

About Goomzee
Goomzee celebrated its 11th year in business in 2014.  The company began as an e-commerce application service provider, powering and hosting small business’ e-commerce websites,  but shifted to real estate technology just as the industry fell into turmoil to solve recognized gaps in mobile technology.  The company has been serving the real estate industry since 2007, and multiple listing services since 2008.  It’s initial real estate product called Goomzee Connect allows agents to capture leads at the property via text message codes on sign riders and a lead capture system.  After working closely with MLSs and providing it’s service as a member benefit in nearly 30 MLS markets, representing over 296,000 agents, MLSs approached Goomzee to co-design a mobile solution that would best serve the needs of their members.  Their current solution represents a culmination of their first-generation web solution, and two years of research and development to offer a platform that rivals the large portals.  For more information, request a quote, or to schedule a personal demo, please contact Goomzee via

About Clareity Security
Clareity Security, located in Scottsdale, Arizona, is the leading provider of data security, identity and access management and Single Sign On for the real estate industry. Our SAFEMLS products help over 120 MLS organizations and real estate professionals easily and effectively safeguard sensitive consumer information against unauthorized access and provides strong authentication solutions and revenue assurance for high value subscription services.  In addition, Clareity Security provides a Single Sign On Dashboard to over 500,000 agents across North America through their local MLS.

About Black Knight Financial Services, LLC
Black Knight Financial Services, a Fidelity National Financial (NYSE:FNF) company, is the mortgage and finance industries’ leading provider of integrated technology, data and analytics solutions. Comprised of technology offerings from the union of LPS and ServiceLink, Black Knight Financial Services offers leading software systems; data and analytics offerings; and information solutions that facilitate and automate many of the business processes across the mortgage life cycle.

Black Knight Financial Services helps clients in the mortgage industry and beyond achieve their strategic goals, realize greater success and better serve their customers by delivering best-in-class technology, services and insight with a relentless commitment to excellence, innovation, integrity and leadership. For more information on Black Knight Financial Services, please visit