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How To Protect Your RETS Server Access

I wanted to share a “short and sweet” post with a tip on how to protect your access credentials from “leaking” to others. Recently Goomzee’s engineers discovered some MLSs whose RETS login credentials were being shared publicly by mistake. A third-party developer hosted their source code on Github and it included the RETS login credentials for some MLS feeds they had access to. This information was easily discoverable by a Google search.

We informed the MLS executives advising they change their passwords and notify the developer(s) of their mistake. This got me thinking that we should suggest a tip on how they can police/prevent these mistakes using Google as their ally.

  1. Identify your main RETS login URL ( e.g. – )
  2. Visit Google Alerts and add the URL from step 1 ( )
  3. If you discover credentials have been compromised, change them in your system immediately; the account holder will be contacting you when their feed doesn’t work. Be sure to notify the owners/developers as it could be an honest mistake, but this way you don’t let yourself be a victim of their mistakes.