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ShowingTime And Goomzee Integrate Solutions

Missoula, MT — September 18, 2014 — Real estate professionals around the U.S. can now schedule showings with other agents directly from Goomzee Mobile MLS, a mobile listing search and collaboration tool for popular tablets and smart phones. Goomzee, a leading provider of mobile MLS apps for real estate professionals, announced today that they’ve successfully integrated ShowingTime’s popular scheduling system directly into the Goomzee Mobile MLS app. MLS markets that participate with Goomzee and ShowingTime will benefit from this collaboration by providing a comprehensive solution for real estate professionals on the go to get their work done more efficiently.
ShowingTime Integration With Goomzee Mobile MLS Apps
“ShowingTime for the MLS, available in more than 75 MLSs across the country, helps agents remove some of the obstacles to showing a home; direct integration within Goomzee’s Mobile MLS takes the streamlined process to a whole new level,” said ShowingTime President Michael Lane.

Goomzee’s system leverages a deep integration with ShowingTime to instantly detect which listings are available for showing, and presents the option to the agent. Whenever they view available listings, they can tap a “Schedule a Showing” option either from their phone or tablet, and ShowingTime’s scheduling system appears within, allowing them to collaborate with other agents. Agents using Goomzee’s Mobile MLS app will be able to schedule a showing directly within the app, without leaving, so they can continue working without interruption.

ShowingTime Integration In Mobile App
“We’ve been a longtime partner with MLSs and industry vendors and we understand the importance of integrating best-of-breed solutions agents have already grown to love that already work with their MLS system,” explains Mike Sparr, Goomzee’s CEO and founder. “We integrated with RPR, Clareity Security, and Instanet Solutions from day one, and we continue to work closely with the industry’s leading technology solution providers and collaborate to solve our mutual customers’ needs.”

Real estate professionals served by Realtors® Association of York & Adams Counties (RAYAC), an MLS market served by both Goomzee and ShowingTime, are the first to benefit from this collaboration. Additional MLSs already or soon working with both companies are scheduled to receive the free app upgrade in weeks that follow.

“One of the reasons we chose Goomzee is their longtime reputation for top customer service, the speed and ease of their mobile apps, and their willingness to work with our current technology partners,” says Rhonda Elliott, Systems Manager for Realtors® Association of York & Adams Counties. “I’m blown away at how responsive and pro-active they have been along the way and our members are delighted.”

Goomzee’s Mobile MLS solutions are already deployed with MLSs in Arizona, California, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Idaho, Oregon, Florida, Montana, Colorado, and Arkansas including Idaho’s largest MLS, Intermountain MLS and recently, Tucson and San Francisco markets. ShowingTime’s integration with Goomzee joins other industry-leading tools from Clareity Security, Instanet Solutions, Cloud CMA, RPR, Education.com, Walkscore, and more who already integrate with Goomzee Mobile MLS.

About Goomzee
Goomzee celebrated its 11th year in business in 2014.  The company began as an e-commerce application service provider, powering and hosting small business’ e-commerce websites,  but shifted to real estate technology just as the industry fell into turmoil to solve recognized gaps in mobile technology.  The company has been serving the real estate industry since 2007, and multiple listing services since 2008.  Its initial real estate product called Goomzee Connect allows agents to capture leads at the property via text message codes on sign riders and a lead capture system.  After working closely with MLSs and providing its service as a member benefit in nearly 30 MLS markets, representing over 296,000 agents, MLSs approached Goomzee to co-design a mobile solution that would best serve the needs of their members.  Their current solution represents a culmination of their first-generation web solution, and two years of research and development to offer a platform that rivals the large portals.  For more information, request a quote, or to schedule a personal demo, please contact Goomzee via http://www.goomzee.com.

About ShowingTime
ShowingTime equips MLSs, Associations, offices, brokers and agents with tools to schedule showings, generate feedback and report on activity. Its products are used by more than 53,000 offices nationwide and are integrated with 200+ MLS systems to manage 3 million showings every month. Visit http://www.showingtime.com for more information.